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Move the Wind Turbines Out of Sight
Off the Shores of Ocean City, Maryland

Pertinent Facts

Eighty-six or more 650 foot wind turbines to be built 11 nautical miles off the shores of OC

US Wind, an Italian company, is in phase 3 of a 3 phase plan to build the turbines

The turbines will be visible - they are 65 stories high & twice as tall as any building in OC

What you can do to stop the destruction of our pristine view of the ocean:

Sign the petition which is sent to every MD and US representative, to the Project Coordinator off the MD Offshore Wind Turbine Project, to the MD Economic Matters Committee who voted down Andy Harris's attempt to pass a bill that would help us, to the MD Governor, and to the US President.

The Town of Ocean City's Page on Wind Turbines

Another great website on our Local Wind Turbine Issue

This site has great information and links to all of the representatives we need to contact to let them know how we feel about the wind turbines in our view shed.

About Us

Rendering of turbines at 11 nautical miles offshore

Our Demand

When the wind turbine height changed from 350 feet to 650 feet, it is not unreasonable for the distance from the shore to be increase so that the promise that the wind turbines would be virtually invisible would remain true.  We are demanding that the wind turbines be placed no closer than 26 nautical miles from the Ocean City shoreline.  Find out more about our story by clicking on the picture to the right.

Turbine height compared to known tall objects

How tall are the wind turbines?

The wind turbines are 650 feet tall from the waterline to the tip of the blade.  They are twice as high as the tallest building in Ocean City, Maryland and the height of the Washington Monument.  They reach 65 stories high above the ocean water line.  Find more facts by clicking on the picture to the left.

Unspoiled view of the horizon from the horizon.

Do we really want to sit back and lose this gorgeous view? NO!

Please, sign the petition now!  Click on the picture to the left to go to the petition page.
Send an email to your representatives by clicking on the Contact Representatives tab above.  We make it easy:) 
Please share our website, FaceBook page, and resource materials with everyone you know.  Spread the word so that the people and representatives who are not listening will hear our united voice and listen to our cry to save the ocean view. 

Move the wind turbines 26 nautical miles offshore!

Donate Now

Websites, rack cards, and billboards are expensive.  The money raised will go to getting the word out to the people who will then hopefully sign the petition.  We need as many signatures as we can get to let the representatives and powers that be know how we feel about the destruction of our cherished ocean view.

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